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About Us:

Angela Mills, Registered Massage Therapist:

Prior to becoming a Registered Massage Therapist in 2006, I spent almost 20 years in dentistry as a dental hygienist working in various aspects of dentistry from chair side, to teaching, to consulting and more.  People often comment what a drastic change to massage therapy but not really.  In fact, massage therapy is a leading, alternative healthcare profession that allows me to continue to grow and learn...now I just work on a larger part of the body!
Due to my background in dentistry, it led me to focus my continuing education in TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint a.k.a."jaw") treatment since I was very knowledgeable and comfortable working in the mouth.
I have also pursued other modalities in massage therapy such as hot stone therapy, eselan deep tissue, acupressure and acupuncture and recently massage facials to name a few.
I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best care for you, your family and friends.

Paula Guilbeault-Roballo, HOM:

Heart and Soul Homeopathy grew out of my deep passion and belief that health care should be gentle, non evasive and respectful; as such I strive to provide that at the core of all my patients care. Having navigated the alternative healthcare system myself, I understand how confusing and overwhelming it can become. I wanted to create a practice where patients felt welcome, relaxed enough to be themselves and really listened to about their health concerns.
I believe a healthier lifestyle should be Sustainable
This is why there are no cookie cutter solutions that work for everyone. Each family and individual I work with is treated as unique and a partner in their own health journey. My job is to support you along that journey to find long term solutions that fit your unique needs.

Gabriella Callender, CNHP (Certified Natural Health Practitioner):

Owner of Invincible Nature Health Clinic had been graduated from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada in Montreal.
She was a personal trainer and fitness instructor when she discovered her interest in nutrition and decided to pursue her studies in this field. After receiving her Nutritionist Diploma, she decided to acquire further education on the Natural Health field and enrolled to the Alternative Medicine College of Canada.
In the past 8 years, Gabriella has been helping people to improve their well-being and achieve optimal health.

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